Fanciful Footwear

Bumble Bee will constantly introduce quality socks & baby tights with beautiful designs that are suitable for babies at all occasion.

Available sizes are 0-12 months and 12-24 months, unless otherwise stated.  From our experience, we know that certain designs are very popular in mothers’ demand, hence we also have the size for 2-4 years old.

Check back often on new designs.

Baby Tights

March 16 Arrival

Dec 13 Arrival

Jan 13 Arrival

Oct-Dec 12 Arrival

Nov 11 Arrival

Oct 11 Arrival

Sept 11 Arrival

New socks packs have arrived in all Bumble Bee counters and baby shops.

Jan 11 Arrival

New cotton tights, booties, sock packs and knee & elbow protectors are launched.

May 10 Release

Rattlin’ Wrist & Toes Set, for 0-12 months.

January 10 Release

Limited Edition Animal Rattle Booties

With rattling sound, bright and colourful fabrics.

March 09 Release

Basic Sock Pack

A series of new Sock Packs just arrived during the weekend. Beautiful design, with reasonable price but top quality.

Introductory Release

Rattlin Toes & Tights