Safety Harness

It is a 2-in-1 Safety Harness, where it works as a safety harness, and also doubles up as a pretty backpack for your little child, with the removable strap being removed.

Safety harness really works to ease your mind while bringing your little child around in the areas like roadside, shopping malls or anywhere else that is crowded.

2 in 1 Caring Harness

Bumble Bee also launched another simpler version of Caring Harness but with dual function. It is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and wristband in order to fit your growing child.

The handstrap is adjustable,  from 36” to 60” in length, attaching to a swivel clip on harness to prevent tangling yet providing more freedom to kid’s movement.

Handstrap can be used separately too, direct attaching to child’s wrist.  Comfortable & soft material designed specially for delicate skin on baby’s and mom’s wrists.

Easy back fastening will help when interacting with an active child.

Suitable for age 1-3 years old.

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