New Arrival! Baby Safe Laundry Detergent

Bumble Bee Baby Safe Laundry Detergent is formulated from fruits extract. Its ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable, not only it is good for you and your child, but it is environmental-friendly too! Its hypoallergenic formula is gentle, hence it is great for baby’s delicate skin. It is effective in removing stubborn stains from baby’s […]

Auto-Close Magnetic Gate

We have launched a new safety gate with added features, which is called as Auto-Close Magnetic Gate. It has a stunning feature of “Zero degree auto-close” function, that it will swing back to its lock function even at the slightest open angle of the gate. Other features include: Height: 78cm Width: 76-83cm (without extension) With […]

New! Mini Ultra Double Pump

Let’s put our hands together and welcome our new product : Bumble Bee new Mini Ultra (MU) Double Pump. This is a strong yet gentle in suction breast pump, which is designed to help breastfeeding mothers to pump more milk in less time. In addition to the hygienic closed-system that is meant to eliminate cross-contamination, […]

Baby Safe Bath Net

Let’s welcome another Star member to our Baby Safe category of products – “Baby Safe Bath Net”, which is not only focusing on safety features, but also striving for a wonderful bathing experience for our little babies. Our Baby Safe Bath Net is SGS-tested to be AZO-free, hence parents can have a peace of mind […]

Child Seatbelt Adjuster Pads

This is our new family to our Safety range of products – Child Seatbelt Adjuster Pads. Bumble Bee Child Seatbelt Adjuster Pads can be used to reposition the shoulder belt of the car seat for young children over 22kg, in order to provide a safe and comfortable fit for the kids during traveling. It is […]