Health Benefits of Latex Mattress

What Are the Benefits of Latex Mattress? Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. You may be wondering what a latex mattress is and what it will offer you in terms of your sleep. What is latex? Latex is a natural material that comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and possesses […]

The Little Knees & Elbows Need Protection too

As parents, we know you are always looking for many possible ways to protect your little one from getting any unwanted pain or hurt.  When they cry after a fall, it hurts you too, right? Bumble Bee Comfy Knee & Elbow Protectors are designed for children aged between 0-4 years.  We have taken into consideration […]

Why is Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser Baby-safe?

We know some of you may wonder what is the difference between Bumble Bee Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser with other brands of detergents in the market. And some may also wondering why the Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser is less foamy than others. Indeed yes, Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser is less foamy if compared to the […]

How to Store Breast Milk?

If you are using Bumble Bee PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles, you may have noticed the written storing degree/location and the recommended storage duration for breastmilk on the packaging box. There is more information that we would like to add on here about this topic. Some may find that the term “Freezer” could be a bit […]

Why are we avoiding Paraben and other chemicals?

If you google this term – Parabens, you will probably notice that there are a lot of materials and researches that talk about this chemical. Just like BPA, Parabens are becoming increasingly controversial from the perspective of their health concerns to the human being. Excerpt from wiki: One scientific study reports that parabens were found […]