Unconfirmed Newsletter Sign-up»

Dear Customers, Due to many possible reasons like incorrect email address provided, or verification is not done via clicking the emailed activation link, some of your email addresses are not confirmed in our newsletter system. If you ever wonder why you never receive any email update from us after signing up for the newsletter on […]

GoodNite Blanket»

Bumble Bee latest GoodNite Blanket is equipped with wide pocket and zipper, aimed to provide undisturbed sleeps to your newborn up to 18 weeks old. The Benefits of our GoodNite Blanket The Steps to Use this GoodNite Blanket Correctly

New! Mini Ultra Double Pump»

Let’s put our hands together and welcome our new product : Bumble Bee new Mini Ultra (MU) Double Pump. This is a strong yet gentle in suction breast pump, which is designed to help breastfeeding mothers to pump more milk in less time. In addition to the hygienic closed-system that is meant to eliminate cross-contamination, […]

The Little Knees & Elbows Need Protection too»

As parents, we know you are always looking for many possible ways to protect your little one from getting any unwanted pain or hurt.  When they cry after a fall, it hurts you too, right? Bumble Bee Comfy Knee & Elbow Protectors are designed for children aged between 0-4 years.  We have taken into consideration […]