PES Wideneck Bottles

Perfectly Safe for Baby

100% free from BPA, Phthalate, Cadnium, Lead and PVC

Bumble Bee PES Wideneck Bottle is made of high hospital grade Polyether Sulfone that meets US FDA standard, it is non-toxic and heat resistant up to 180°C. The PES material used to manufacture this product is directly processed from America. The light brown colour is the original colour of the PES material.

Bumble Bee PES Wideneck Bottles are manufactured to comply with BS EN 14350.  Hence it is safe to use for bottle-feeding your baby.

Unique Features:

  • Eco-friendly:
    It does not contain 65 kinds of chemical substance – environmental hormones
  • Hygienic:
    Heat resistant up to 180°C on boiling water, microwave & steam sterilizer. Easy to clean away the milk residue and stains
  • Durable:
    PES material is more durable and less fragile than glass bottle, and yet maintaining the safe characteristics of the glass.
  • Chemical resistant:
    Safe for cleaning with any kind of detergent. Baby-safe liquid cleanser is recommended for babies as chemical detergents increase chances of baby tummy upsets

Bumble Bee PES Wideneck Bottle is complete with a high quality food grade Silicone wideneck cross-cut teat (currently all bottles come with S size teats), which carries the following beneficial features:

  • Natural:
    Shape and texture closest to mom’s breast
  • Anti-colic:
    Patented design to reduce colic effectively
  • Anti-choking:
    Fluid flow according to baby’s suction
  • Safe:
    Nitrosamines free and meets US FDA standards

Even the screw cap is made of Polypropylene (PP), which is also BPA-free and widely used as a material to manufacture breastmilk storage bottles.

Available Variants:

  • 9oz single pack
  • 5oz single pack
  • Two 9oz and one 5oz Combo Gift pack
  • Teats size S, M, L, XL