Disposable Breast Pads

A new and improved version of disposable breast pads from Bumble Bee recently launched to the market!  This is our brand new Premier Blue Core Disposable Breast Pads.


Our breast pads are now equipped with an innovative “Blue Core” Super Absorbent Layer which calls for instant absorption and evenly spread the breast milk into the core, resulting in a dry and non-sticky surface.


The uniqueness of this breast pad also includes:

  • Surrounding anti-leak design
  • High breathable back sheet
  • Ultra absorbency up to 80ml
  • 3D contoured
  • Double anti-slip adhesive strips


Bumble Bee Premier Disposable Breast Pads are ultra thin, ultra-absorbent and come in a box of 36 pieces, each is individually wrapped to ensure that it is always hygienic to be used on mom’s skin.


Some of its important features:

  • Unique soft and breathable lining with ultra absorbency, protects mother’s nipple and tender skin
  • Leak-proof tissue keeps mother’s clothes dry and protect mother’s nipple from moisture
  • 3D Side Gather provides natural contour and comfortable fit around breasts
  • Double adhesive tapes keep pad in place but keep away worries

It is worth Rm31.90 per box.

See Bumble Bee Premier Disposable Breast Pads in previous advertisement published in leading Malaysia’s baby magazines.

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