How to Store Breast Milk?


If you are using Bumble Bee PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles, you may have noticed the written storing degree/location and the recommended storage duration for breastmilk on the packaging box. There is more information that we would like to add on here about this topic.

Some may find that the term “Freezer” could be a bit vague, as today’s freezer comes in varies types. Actually, yes, there should be more details about “Freezer”, and we will categorize it even further here.

Storage Location
(store at the back, away from the
refrigerator or freezer door/side)
Storage Temperature Storage Duration
Freezer Compartment
inside refrigerator
(older 1 door style)
Temperature varies Up to 2 weeks
(self-contained unit
of a refrigerator, 2-door style)
around -15°C 3-4 months
Deep Freezer around -18°C 6-12 months

From the table above, you can see that the breastmilk can be stored for up to a year if it is stored properly. However, please take note that once frozen breastmilk has been thawed even for once, it should then be consumed within 24 hours. DO NOT REFREEZE IT.

Take note that however, if milk has been kept at room temperature or in a cooler with icepacks prior to being placed in the refrigerator or freezer, safe storage time may be decreased.

Do keep in mind that these are “guidelines” about storing breastmilk in a safe way. It is always wise to adhere to these guidelines as close as possible. Always check the milk odor and freshness before giving it to a baby is also a good precaution step.

There are some frequently asked questions about storing breast milk which we have reviewed and extracted from other websites, we listed here as we think might be useful for everyone.

How can you tell if breast milk is spoiled?

If you are properly storing your milk you should not have a problem with spoiled milk. Breast milk will separate. The fat will rise to the top. This is normal it does not mean your milk is spoiled. You may sometimes have thinner looking or blue colored milk, this is still okay. Another concern comes along when moms or caregivers smell breast milk.

Sometimes breastmilk that is frozen or stored in the refrigerator will smell soapy or have a strange taste to it. This does not mean it is spoiled. Before you toss out perfectly good breast milk consider how it was stored. If it was refrigerated after pumping and stored properly, it probably doesn’t need to be tossed. However, if you are concerned, if the milk smells rancid or sour go ahead and toss it.

What size portions should you store breast milk in?

It is better if you store breast milk in small portions (around 3-4 oz per freezer bag or storage container). Once frozen milk is thawed you can not refreeze it. If you store breast milk in 8-10 oz portions you may end up wasting breast milk if your baby does not drink it within 24 hours.

You may visit those original websites for more information.

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