Why is Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser Baby-safe?

We know some of you may wonder what is the difference between Bumble Bee Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser with other brands of detergents in the market. And some may also wondering why the Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser is less foamy than others.

Indeed yes, Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser is less foamy if compared to the other baby liquid cleansers, but this is also the strong point because there is NO added Foam Booster (which is a chemical) in our Liquid Cleanser. In fact, there are a lot more other possible harmful ingredients (like Paraben and other preservatives) which are totally absent from Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser, making it a 100% Natural Liquid Cleanser that is safe for babies.

Refer this colourful chart below for more information and easy comparison. We hope you will find this useful to better understanding Bumble Bee Liquid Cleanser.


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