A Personal Experience is now possible with Bumble Bee Online Chat

We are excited to announce that there is a new functionality added to the Bumble Bee website – now Online Chat is possible right here from this browser that you are viewing now.

We understand that sometimes parents do prefer a personal and lively interaction with us in order to know more about our products. So, whenever the webmaster or the Bumble Bee staff is online, you will see the GREEN msn icon shown on the right sidebar of the webpage. Other status like “Away”, “Busy” or “Offline” are similar to what you normally see on your own Windows Live Messenger or Msn Messenger.

BB online chat

Green msn icon, online chat is now enabled

A stand-alone chat window will appear upon clicking the Green Msn Icon. You may now click the words “Begin a conversation” to start logging in.


Click "Begin a conversation" to start chatting

If you do not have a Windows Live ID (aka msn messenger ID), you may choose to sign in with your name to chat with us. This will require you to key in a 8 characters CAPTCHA phrase in order to sign in.


Choose to login as Visitor or your name, or login using your own Windows Live ID


For Visitor/your name login, you will require to key in CAPTCHA characters

However, if you can’t view the CAPTCHA characters clearly, you can click the “Refresh” button at the right side. Alternatively, you may choose “Go to the sign in page” to sign in with your Windows Live ID.  This will bring you to the sign in window of the Windows Live page.


Or sign in using your Windows Live ID to allow us to contact with you better

Signing in with your Windows Live ID allow us to contact with you better in the future, as you may also add us into your MSN contact list and you will be able to see us whenever we are online and don’t have to surf to our website to chat with us.

We hope that by adding in this new functionality, we can now serve you even better.

Our Windows Live ID is admin at bumblebee dot my (replace at to “@” and dot to “.” with no spaces in between all words).

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