The Little Knees & Elbows Need Protection too

As parents, we know you are always looking for many possible ways to protect your little one from getting any unwanted pain or hurt.  When they cry after a fall, it hurts you too, right?


Bumble Bee Comfy Knee & Elbow Protectors are designed for children aged between 0-4 years.  We have taken into consideration all factors that parents normally ponder upon when getting an elbow & knee protection for their children.

These protectors have to look good, be comfortable, protective, can’t interfere with “free-will” crawling and toddling, inexpensive, washable, made for bare legs,  safe and hard to pull off by the kids themselves.

Bumble Bee Knee & Elbow Protectors meet all these criteria. They are made of 80% combed cotton,10% nylon, 7% spandex, 3% rubber, hence they are able to provide super soft knee protection for crawlers, toddlers and children.


When the kids are wearing these protectors, we as parents don’t have to worry when they run too fast on a hard surface, so the little ones are free to explore and not limited to soft compounds. Knee protection prevent the child from getting hurt physically, so the parents won’t be feeling heart pain too when looking at those bruises on their precious child.

Children get comfort and protection, you get peace of mind.

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