Auto-Close Magnetic Gate

We have launched a new safety gate with added features, which is called as Auto-Close Magnetic Gate. It has a stunning feature of “Zero degree auto-close” function, that it will swing back to its lock function even at the slightest open angle of the gate.

Other features include:

  • Height: 78cm
  • Width: 76-83cm (without extension)
  • With optional extension, it can cover areas up to 146-153cm
  • Smart “Stay-Open” System that enables the gate to stay open at certain angle without swinging back to close position
  • Open in both directions
  • One-hand opening with double locking system
  • Extension sizes available: 7cm, 14cm, 21cm, 28cm, 35cm
  • Other spare parts available: U-metal Stabilizer for installation on round surface, Extension Stabilizer 15cm, Extension Stabilizer 25cm
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