New! Mini Ultra Double Pump

Let’s put our hands together and welcome our new product : Bumble Bee new Mini Ultra (MU) Double Pump. This is a strong yet gentle in suction breast pump, which is designed to help breastfeeding mothers to pump more milk in less time.


In addition to the hygienic closed-system that is meant to eliminate cross-contamination, here are some of the unique features that you can get from our MU Double Pump.

mubp_4 mubp_3

Technical Features:

  • Designed to mimic and infant’s breastfeeding action
  • Light weight and portable
  • Ultra small motor size: diameter 9cm, thickness 5cm
  • Automatic 2-minute massage mode after switching on
  • 9 levels of strong yet gentle suction to assist effective milk production
  • Ultra quiet, provides a quiet environment for infant
  • Petal massager can gently and efficiently release breast engorgement
  • Memory function will remember your last setting
  • Double pumping, fast & efficient to empty your breast
  • Power adapter and Micro-USB operation
  • Input 100~240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output 5V DC, 1.5A, wattage <3W
  • Pumping intensity: max >50Kpa

Right out of the box, on top of one full set of double breast pump with all the necessary spare parts, you will also receive EXTRA spare parts like the following.  This means, you will actually receive 4 silicone diaphragms in total, 2 in the full set of breast pump, and another 2 extra!  And you also receive a manual switch kit that can convert your electric breast pump into a manual pump in seconds.  This will be useful in situations that you are running out of power supply.


What’s even more attractive that you should not be missing, purchase our MU Double Pump now and at the same time you can receive a lot more for FREE!


We are launching this super-valued package that includes:

MU Double Pump x1 set
Premium Disposable Breastpad x1 Box
PP Breastmilk Bottles x1 Box
Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser x1 Bottle
PES Bottle 4oz x1 unit

It is a total worth of Rm540.70 but it costs you only Rm399!  What are you waiting for?

This breast pump receives a 12-month limited warranty from the date of purchase.

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