Breast Pads Special Launching Promo

If you are a subscriber to one of the Malaysia’s leading baby magazines, you probably have saw this advertisement already. Bumble Bee has just recently introduced our very own Premier Disposable Breast Pads, complementing our Nursing products line with the objective of supporting breastfeeding moms in their meaningful parenting journey.

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Bumble Bee Premier Disposable Breast Pads are ultra thin, ultra-absorbent and come in a box of 36 pieces, each is individually wrapped to ensure that it is always hygienic to be used on mom’s skin.

You may visit the Media Release page for the English version of the advertisement.

Some of its important features:

  • Unique soft and breathable lining with ultra absorbency, protects mother’s nipple and tender skin
  • Leak-proof tissue keeps mother’s clothes dry and protect mother’s nipple from moisture
  • 3D Side Gather provides natural contour and comfortable fit around breasts
  • Double adhesive tapes keep pad in place but keep away worries

It is worth Rm31.90 per box.


Nationwide Launching Special November 2009

For this launching period (Nov 09) and as a gesture of supporting all breastfeeding moms, Bumble Bee is now giving away one box of this Premier Disposable Breast Pads free with every purchase of one box 8pcs PP Breastmilk Bottles! (while stock lasts)

Hurry, stock is limited and you can get this offer at all participating outlets, baby stores or Bumble Bee counters. Do keep in mind that however, as this is a super FRESH & HOT news, so it may take some times for this Launching Special to reach all participating outlets. Do check with your favourite baby stores or Bumble Bee counters whether and when they have this Launching Special in store.

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