A Perfect Night’s Sleep by Getha

Bumble Bee Latex mattresses are always made of high quality latex core from Getha, a 100% natural Malaysian latex provider. Recently, there is an article on Star newspaper dated 18 January 09, featuring all the benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress or pillow by Getha. A very big applause to our proud provider!

Here are some of the excerpts of the article, which we think the information is important for all the consumers to be aware of.

Getha’s usage of 100% natural Malaysian latex offers a completely harmless sleeping experience.

As natural latex has an elastic property, it is resilient yet gentle, firm yet breathable. It is so flexible that it allows 360-degree even weight distribution. The ability of natural latex to gently support and conform to your body also alleviates pressure points and dramtically reduces tossing and turning. The interconnecting cell structure provides a natural ventilation system that allows heat and body moisure to dissipate, thus ensuring a healthy restful sleep in comfort.

Given that Getha mattress are free from chemical additives, this could render them attached with a creamy latex scent when new. Though so, the aroma is only natural, even therapeutic in stimulating your immune system and enhancing your breathing.

Yes, some consumers may aware of that creamy latex scent when just bought Bumble Bee Latex mattresses or pillows. Be rest assured that, the existence of this aroma only indicates that our latex mattresses and pillows are really natural and contain no chemicals at all!

Getha Newspaper Article

Getha Newspaper Article

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